The CLEAN-Gas Programme proposes an innovative approach to improve natural gas combustion in industrial processes, covering experiments and numerical simulations, including detailed chemistry and computational fluid dynamics applied to real complex geometries. This new way of addressing the European energy challenge by training candidates simultaneously in experimental and simulation techniques and in chemistry and turbulent combustion, all applied in industrial context, should add a clear value to the community.

The program is heavily supported by key-companies in the domain, such as Ansaldo Energia, the Italian leading producer of thermoelectric power plants, strictly connected with IT-POLIMI, Rolls Royce Deutschland, a world-leading provider of power systems, involved with DE-TUD and Numeca, a software developer and solution provider for computational fluid dynamics, including reacting flows and combustion.

Moreover, the development of new clean combustion processes is also strongly supported by local/national policy and initiatives in the context of greenhouse gas reduction and high efficiency energy conversion systems. In one hand, Companies are investing in research, such as the industrial partners of the present program. In another hand, national agency call-for-projects become numbers in the domain with active responses from partners, all encouraging the fundamental and applied research projects for a better efficiency of conventional energy, such as natural gas: FR-ECP with ANR in France; DE-TUD with DFG in Germany; BE-ULB with FNRS in Belgium (in particular WBGreen-call in fundamental research and WinGreen-call for industrial research).


As the program is fully run by T.I.M.E. members, the partnership is a unique opportunity to develop and disseminate the scientific outcomes, the good practices and the training aspects of the program among all the T.I.M.E. members. It is expected that additional initiatives will grow up based on the CleanGas one. Since the T.I.M.E. Association plans to grow in and beyond Europe in the next years, the dissemination will be greatly enhanced.


Project ID: 643134

Call: H2020-MSCA-ITN-2014

Amount: EUR 3,832,293

Content: 15 PhD Students (ESR)

Period: 48 months

Starting date: 1st January 2015

Partners: 4 academic, 3 industrial & T.I.M.E.

Countries: BE, D, F, IT

Coordinator: Politecnico di Milano (IT)

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