The industrial partners will help the policy of the program in relation with the needs and participate in the communication, quality assurance, training and the different events such as the Winter School. By participating in a mentoring system they will be close to the candidates. They may also provide additional human resources or funds. The T.I.M.E. association will be more focused on communication, quality assurance, event participation and possibly additional funds.

As the CleanGas scientific domain concerns applied sciences and as most of the universities involved train engineers for the professional market, socio-economic partners such as companies are clearly part of the program. In conformance with to their endorsement letters (Section 7), they will be involved in the program in different ways as taking part in the policy of the partnership, participating in teaching and training and, together with the T.I.M.E. Association, in communication and quality assurance.

By taking part in the Supervisory Board (see Section 4.2), the industrial partners (Ansaldo Energia, Rolls Royce Deutschland and Numeca) will help the policy of the program to be in line with the real socio-economic needs. As associate partners, they will also propose research activities and PhD subjects related to their developments and markets to be integrated within the program. Numeca, will focus mainly on numerical development and Ansaldo Energia, and Rolls Royce Deutschland on more technological aspects related to their activities.

Industrial partners will also be involved in the Winter Schools by participating in the training of the candidates with specific modules for developing employability, innovative/entrepreneurial spirit and Intellectual Properties rights among the candidates. With the T.I.M.E. Association, they will also participate in forums, conferences, seminars or round tables and some on-site visits. Mentoring activities will be developed and each candidate will find a professional mentor who will coach them and challenge their results. Associate partners will also provide resources for the program such as human resources for training, facilities, software or experimental samples, and event funds. Finally, in accordance with the CLEAN-Gas strategy, additional fellowships may be provided.


Project ID: 643134

Call: H2020-MSCA-ITN-2014

Amount: EUR 3,832,293

Content: 15 PhD Students (ESR)

Period: 48 months

Starting date: 1st January 2015

Partners: 4 academic, 3 industrial & T.I.M.E.

Countries: BE, D, F, IT

Coordinator: Politecnico di Milano (IT)

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