Université Libre de BruxellesThis project is conducted at Université libre de Bruxelles, one of the largest and best Research Universities in Belgium, with a student population of 24,000 and about 1,800 PhDs in progress. Founded in 1834, ULB has a long tradition of excellence in Research with four scientific Nobel Prizes, one Fields Medal, three Wolf Prizes and two Marie Curie Excellence Awards.
Located in the heart of Europe, the ULB plays an important role within the European Higher Education Area and the European Research Area, coordinating or partnering numerous projects funded by the European Union's 7th Framework Programme (2007-2013) and participating in the new H2020 programme (2014-2020).
To date, the ULB has hosted or is currently hosting 18 recipients of exclusive ERC (European Research Council) grants - 11 Starting Grants, 2 Consolidator Grants and 5 Advanced Grants -, together with 17 individual Marie Curie researchers and participated to 18 collaborative Marie Curie projects (ITN, IAPP, IRSES and NIGHT), covering all aspects of the People program.
On 27 June 2013, the ULB's Research Council officially acknowledged the strategic importance of participating in European research programmes: European Research Council programmes, Marie Skodowska-Curie programmes (individual and network programmes) and the cooperative programmes COST and tenders.
This official acknowledgement means that the ULB's European Unit (Research Department) will be boosting its support for researchers in coordination with the other ULB administrative units. It also means that the academic authorities will be actively promoting these programmes, that all academic new-hires will be encouraged to submit an application for an ERC grant, and that specific incentive measures will be initiated.



To ensure that researchers are provided with all the support they need when moving to Belgium, the ULB has set up an International Welcome Desk, which is committed to providing pro-active support and rapid follow-up on all queries received. The International Welcome Desk, a Euraxess contact point, is managed by a native English-speaker, who has extensive experience in hosting researchers and expatriates and a good understanding of their needs and concerns. The welcome desk will offer hands-on assistance with visas, work permits and residence permits, accommodation, rental contracts, medical insurance, schools and childcare, language lessons, bank accounts, tax and social security etc.
In addition to the support provided by the International Welcome Desk, the EU office in the ULB's Research Administration Department will assist with the management and administration of the Marie Curie Grant and facilitate the Fellows' contacts with the university's Human Resources and Finance departments.


Scientific staff

Alessandro Parente (Université Libre de Bruxelles)Alessandro Parente

Associate Professor

Research Interests: My research interests are in the fields of turbulent/chemistry interaction in turbulent combustion and reduced-order combustion models, non-conventional fuels and pollutant formation in combustion systems, novel combustion technologies (flameless and oxy-fuel), simulation of atmospheric boundary layer flows, and validation and uncertainty quantification in CFD



Project ID: 643134

Call: H2020-MSCA-ITN-2014

Amount: EUR 3,832,293

Content: 15 PhD Students (ESR)

Period: 48 months

Starting date: 1st January 2015

Partners: 4 academic, 3 industrial & T.I.M.E.

Countries: BE, D, F, IT

Coordinator: Politecnico di Milano (IT)

Info & Claims

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