During the annual Summer School, doctoral candidates will follow a specific common training programme to address these main points:

  1. Doing research: How to address research activities using efficient methods and tools: scientific upgrades
    and courses, multi-disciplinary scientific approach, practice of documentary research, basic tools.
  2. Managing research: How to supervise/coordinate research projects: daily occupations of a supervisor,
    project management and teamwork, setting up proposals.
  3. Developing research: How to innovate and transfer research results, sensitization to entrepreneurship,
    start-up development, patent processes, and intellectual property rights.
  4. Imaging research: How to deal with imagination, creativity and complexity in research. How to develop
    new points of view to tackle the challenges and provoke breakthrough.
  5. Thinking research: The role of research and its social impact, the new challenges for people and society,
    how to set up the Society of Knowledge, the European position and strategy.
  6. Communicating research: How to communicate the research work: presenting the research results,
    international conferences attendance, scientific report and dissemination.
  7. The candidates: the core of the training activities is to develop the personal and professional abilities of
    the candidates. All the aforementioned activities, together with specific training and the mentoring
    system, will help them to discover their own skills, abilities and motivations, and to prepare for

Active pedagogy will be developed and candidates will work in small groups (from 2 to 5 people) on mini-projects, case studies, working groups, simulated situations, workshops, and so on. Candidates will also use their own research challenges to feed the activities. Professionals from the partners' institutions and companies and more advanced candidates will run the groups. Hence a "cohort" spirit will be developed among the candidates.

The annual Summer School will also bring together all the stakeholders of the program, including Coordination Office, Supervisors, Doctoral Candidates, Industrial Partners, and the T.I.M.E. Association. It will be organised each year by a different partner. 


1st CLEAN-Gas Summer School: 6-14th June 2016, Bensheim, Germany


The first CLEAN-Gas Summer school was held in June 2016 in Bensheim, Germany, and was organised by our academic partner T.U.Da. The ESRs attended the school together with external PhD students, being the summer school also open to other participants. However, in addition to the lectures, a two-day seminar on softskills was offered to the project’s PhD students in Darmstadt. The last day of the school, we organised a meeting with all the CLEAN-Gas partners and the ESRs, where the students presented their work and the Key groups met to discuss the progress of the project and to plan the next steps.

2nd CLEAN-Gas Summer School: 26-30th June 2017, Brussels, Belgium

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The project's second Summer school was held in Brussels, Belgium, from 26 to 30 June 2017, and was organised by our partner ULB. The invited lecturers were experts on the field of Combustion and Fluid dynamics, their contribution was much appreciated by the ESRs, as well as the lectures provided by the industrial partners, namely Numeca and Rolls Royce. On the last day of the school, the ESRs underwent a mid-term defence specifically organised to verify that the doctoral work was on the right path for completion. They presented their work in front of the Scientific Committee whose purpose was to ensure the high quality of both the programme and the supervision. Moreover, during the last day of the school, all the partners participated in the Key group meetings.

3rd CLEAN-Gas Summer School: 25-29th June 2018, Paris, France

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 The last Summer school was organized by our French partner CentraleSupélec, at the end of June 2018. 


Project ID: 643134

Call: H2020-MSCA-ITN-2014

Amount: EUR 3,832,293

Content: 15 PhD Students (ESR)

Period: 48 months

Starting date: 1st January 2015

Partners: 4 academic, 3 industrial & T.I.M.E.

Countries: BE, D, F, IT

Coordinator: Politecnico di Milano (IT)

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