Olivier Gicquel (Centrale Supélec)

Full Professor at Centrale Supélec

Laboratoire EM2C, CNRS UPR 288, CentraleSupelec, Grande voie des vignes, 92295 Chatenay Malabry, France

Phone: +33637833987




Research Interest

My research focuses on the modeling and the numerical simulation of reactive flows. Since 2000 I am working on reducing the kinetic schemes using tabulation techniques. The method we have developed (FPI) uses flamelet libraries, parameterized by a reduced number of variables to reproduce the effects of detailed chemical kinetics. This method has been coupled with different turbulent combustion models for LES or RANS calculations.

Since 2006, I developed another activity on the multi-physics coupling. In this framework, we have developed a Monte Carlo solver to compute the radiative heat transfer in the combustion chambers. This code is coupled with a LES code allowing correctly calculating the influence of radiation on combustion and walling heat transfer.

As all my activities are strongly linked with simulation, I also developed important skills in the field of supercomputing.

Since 2013, I took the direction of EM2C laboratory UPR 288 CNRS and Ecole Centrale Paris.


External links

EM2C: Le Laboratoire EM2C


Selected publications

B. J. Isaac , A. Coussement , O. Gicquel , P. J. Smith and A. Parente "Reduced-order PCA models for chemical reacting flows" Combustion and Flame, 161 (2014).Cuoci A., Frassoldati A., Faravelli T., Ranzi E., "Numerical modeling of auto-ignition of isolated fuel droplets in microgravity", Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, In press (2014), DOI: 10.1016/j.proci.2014.06.035

J. Lamouroux , M. Ihme , B. Fiorina and O. Gicquel "Tabulated chemistry approach for diluted combustion regimes with internal recirculation and heat losses" Combustion and Flame, 161 (2014)

R. Mercier , P. Auzillon , V. Moureau , N. Darabiha , O. Gicquel , D. Veynante and B. Fiorina "LES Modeling of the Impact of Heat Losses and Differential Diffusion on Turbulent Stratified Flame Propagation: Application to the TU Darmstadt Stratified Flame" Flow Turbulence and Combustion, 93 (2014)

R. Vicquelin , Y. F. Zhang , O. Gicquel and J. Taine "Effects of radiation in turbulent channel flow: analysis of coupled direct numerical simulations" Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 753 (2014)


Project ID: 643134

Call: H2020-MSCA-ITN-2014

Amount: EUR 3,832,293

Content: 15 PhD Students (ESR)

Period: 48 months

Starting date: 1st January 2015

Partners: 4 academic, 3 industrial & T.I.M.E.

Countries: BE, D, F, IT

Coordinator: Politecnico di Milano (IT)

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